Rabu, 13 Maret 2013

Pengiriman 2 ekor anak anjing (puppies) Siberian Husky ke Pekanbaru :)

Sahabat - Sahabat, klinik hewan happiness mendapat tugas untuk mengirim anjing 2 ekor anakan Siberian Husky (Bandar Udara Sultan Syarif Kasim II Pekanbaru) milik Bapak Erwin, begini ceritanya :

Gambar 1 & 2 foto foto anakan anjingnya yang lucu :)

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  1. Thanks to Alex Saba DVM and happiness veterinary clinics that have been helping me and our beloved family dog messi delivery from Bandung to Germany, Hamburg

    At first I wondered what could bring messi to Hamburg, Germany. Since I'm on vacation with my wife to come to Bali and Bandung, Indonesia we stayed 2 months, we are interested in buying a shitzu dog on the street Otten and when I'm going home to take care of the German embassy in Jakarta for my beloved dog delivery problem messi, but very difficult to have a microchip, rabies vaccination, quarantine, etc.

    Thank you for helping me Alex Saba DVM and his staff which can meet the requirements for everything, rabies vaccination, microchip, quarantine and all shipping needs to messi was now in German

    I hope Alex Saba DVM can get married and honeymoon to Germany
    While checking the health of our beloved family dog messi haha,, Just kidding doc

    Thanks for everything
    Frank and Joyce